DREAMCATCHER BUG - ammonite, turquoise + silver
Statement ring with Sleeping Beauty-, King`s Manassa- and Pilot Mountain Turquoise
GALAXY - 925 silver, pearl, labradorite, 999 FS
Stunning rutilated quartz Cabochon surrounded by two chinese dragons - the "Fu-Ts'ang" dragons. They are the keepers of secret treasure and the precious metals inside the earth...
Loooong quintuple-stone silver ring with petrified wood and turquoise - just to die for!
Backside of the long quintuple ring...
Beautiful band ring with ornamental adornment.
HELLO DARKNESS MY OLD FRIEND - Black Obsidian and Silver
MY MERMAID - diamonds, aquamarine, 14ct gold and silver
OWYHEE - silver and owyhee jasper
BLACK THISTLE - pietersite, melanite, 925 silver, 999 FS
HUMMINGBIRD WORLD - 925 silver, 999 FS, Amber, Biwa Pearl, Cordierite, Rhodolite
I pUt A sPeLL oN YoU - silver + onyx druzy agate (color enhanced)
MAGIC - moonstone, larimar, 925 silver, 999 FS, opal
REINDEER AND TURQUOISE - reindeer antler, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, 925 silver, 999 FS
SHIELD - silver, ammonite and turquoise
I pUt A sPeLL oN YoU - silver + onyx druzy agate (color enhanced)
DESERT ISLAND - Larimar, artificial Aquamarine, 925 silver, 999 FS
DESERT - silver + Moroccan agate
PRIMEVAL CREATURE - Multicolor Opal, Ruby, Emerald, 925 silver, 999 Finesilver, pyritized ammonite
LITTLE MERMAID - silver, pearls + blue topaz
Just breathe...
BALANCE - 925 silver, 999 FS, Tyrone Turquoise, White Buffalo Turquoise
Silber, Feingold, Diamanten + Labradorit
Tiger Lilie Sattel Ring
Spiderweb Turquoise + Silber
"Oracle" Saddle Ring - antique prosthetic glass eye, silver, rose quartz + copper
Silver/Copper Mokume Gane + Rhodolite and a rustic look :)
Absynth - Peridot + Silber
Ammonit mit Türkis Inlay + Silber
White Wolf Totem Saddle Ring
Rosa Turmalin + Silber "Itsy-bitsy Spider"
"Morgen Poppy Hill Jasper" - Ring
"Diamonds are a girl`s best friend" - 925er Silber, Akoya Keishi Perle, Rohdiamanten
"The Traveler" - Silber, Türkis + Koralle
Ring "Atlantis" - Silber, Larimar, Saphir + Apatit
"Die graue Wölfin"
Spinner Ring "love my sari" - 925er Silber, 333er Gold
"Love my sari" - unpatiniert mit Gold, Silber und Kupferspinner
Spinner Ring "Rosengarten" - 999Feinsilber, 925 Silber sowie 333er Gelbgold
Spinner Ring "Dreierlei" - 925er Silber, Kupfer, 333er Gold
Spinner Ring "Blümchenwiese" - 925er Silber, 333er Gold
"Basanti" - 925er Silber + Cabochon
"Ethnoring" aus Kupfer + Labradorit
"Der Blutdämon"
Rohdiamanten und graue Perle - Ring
Ring aus 925er Silber mit Smaragd und Aquamarinsplittern
Grüner Drachenaugenring
Rohdiamanten + Akoya Keishi Perle + Silber
"Die Erwartungsvolle"
Pink Tourmaline, Rohdiamant, Akoya-Perle und Süßwasserperle in 925er Silber
"Evil Eye"
Pink Tourmaline + Raw Diamond
Dark Tender Demon - Phrasolit + Silber
Kleiner Goldring
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